Build a color tool in vanilla JavaScript

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The course creator James Q Quick

with James Q Quick

1182 students enrolled

Course level: Intermediate

Build a cool color lighten/darken tool from scratch and sharpen up your HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript skills along the way!

Meet your teacher

The course creator

James Q Quick

Web Developer, Speaker, and Teacher.

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Why this course rocks

This course hones your HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript skills by building a color lighten/darken tool. Throughout the 19 lessons, you’ll solve several interactive challenges which will test your coding knowledge and let you in on a few handy hints along the way.

You’ll build out the skeleton HTML, style it with CSS and add a range of interactive features using vanilla JS - no frameworks required!

By the end of the course, you’ll have built a large project which will look great on your portfolio or pushed to your Github profile - so dive right in and get ready for a colour-switching fun rollercoaster!

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