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Study group

Collaborate with peers in your dedicated #study-group channel.

Code reviews

Submit projects for review using the /review command in your #code-reviews channel

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At any given time, there’s more than a thousand members online in our Discord server. This means you will always have somewhere to go in case you need help, advice, or just want someone to chat with.

LIVE happenings throughout
the week... and year!

Coding competitions

Compete for prizes in our themed Challenge Weeks

Town Hall

News and views from Team Scrimba! Ask us anything! 💜

Ask an Expert

Honest insights and valuable advice from the best in the business

Live-coding streams

Coding fun with Michael, Leanne, and Pumpkin the cat

Meet your hosts
and motivators

Leanne Rybintsev

Leanne @RybaLeanne

Leanne hosts the Challenge Weeks and interviews industry experts on YouTube.

Alex Booker

Alex @bookercodes

Alex hosts the Town Hall and records weekly podcast interviews.

Michael Rybintsev

Michael @alanmynah

Michael is frequently seen in all our events and live-codes with Leanne on YouTube

And special guests...

We often invite industry experts to share their knowledge so that you can get an edge as you break into the tech industry.

A weekly pod to keep you inspired

On The Scrimba Podcast, you'll hear motivational advice and job-hunting strategies from developers who've been exactly where you are now. Both from fresh success stories and seasoned experts.

Get unstuck in minutes

We’ve all been there. You’re stuck with a bug you don’t know how to fix, which makes your motivation slip. Thankfully you’re not alone! Jump in the support channels and ask for a helping hand. You might just get unstuck in minutes!


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Meet like-minded peers on our Discord Server. Set goals and help each other to smash them through our accountabilty channels. Ask for help at any time of the day or night - there's always someone online.

Power Hours to
keep you focused

A distraction-free, highly focused hour where you work on an important task that moves you forward. Power hours take place in the Scrimba Discord 4x a day in order to suit most time zones. Show up every weekday for a month, and you'll be shocked at how much progress you make!

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Right now there are 100 peers on the Scrimba Discord server. Join us and start exploring what there is on offer.

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